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It’s been some years now since I acquired 24 of the 26 OP alphabet issues, but I’ve been irked about the absent two ever since. At the time of acquisition there were very few OPs for sale online.  I watched for copies of the missing issues for a while but there weren’t many floating around the net for sale or anywhere else from what I could determine. Those that were out there were not either of the missing two.

Since I’ve started digitizing the collection, I’ve realized that I should make another attempt to find the missing parties while I still have access to the large format scanner that’s loaned out to me. Last night I began the hunt once more and found a “D” Issue online. I ordered it (of course!) though still have yet to find an “E.” Apparently there was one posted online several months ago on EBay. Missed that one–something presumably attributable to being in the throes of doctoral completion.

I still don’t fancy myself a “collector” though I do collect certain things. I would like to think that I’m not covetous about it. Glancing at these OPs makes me realize that the spirit of OP was, in part, about sharing information. I see them now as a valuable resource for those interested in what was going on in various non-mainstream scenes during a specific time period (1978-1984).

The current problem (beyond the search for “E”)  is about the best way to give access to people who are interested in the OPs. It’s something to contemplate while scanning, scanning, scanning. I’ve got some ideas…



An image from the "F Section" insert of "Op F"

An image from the “F Section” insert of “Op F”

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Digitizing and subsequently archiving my OP Magazine collection is now at the top of the to-do list. Problem number one was that I needed to acquire (albeit temporarily) an 11 X 17 scanner because, up to about half-way through the OP “alphabet,” the OPs are printed on tabloid-sized newsprint. After some mulling and a bit of research, I figured that scanning the pages with an appropriately sized scanner would be the best way to approach the process. It’s working!


More to come, but for now enjoy “Some Chickens…”




Some Chickens

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