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Somebody told me you could make a killing analyzing music most people feel is sonic nonsense/noise/bad/garbage.

OK, OK, just joking…

But wait; hey, who determines badness anyway?  I mean, I’ve never thought of Jandek as bad despite the sometimes lobotomizing effect produced by repeatedly listenings of the same eight second snippet for the purpose of transcription.

Some scratch notes for you…


2013-03-28 14.31.29

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More Thoughts on  “The Number One’s at One”

A Horse with No Name” was a number one hit on the pop charts. It knocked Neil Young‘s “Heart of Gold” out of the number one slot in 1972. I suppose it’s not really that surprising.

“Gee, this guy’s voice is really familiar—hey, isn’t he the guy who did “Heart of Gold?””

“No. He’s not. But perhaps Dewey Bunnell could give you a lesson on how to cash in on someone else’s sound.”

On cashing in on another artist’s sound, sometimes it’s more of an homage than a rip-off. Listen to Big Mama Thornton‘s “Hound Dog” (or other Leiber and Stoller tunes for that matter) and compare it/them to so much of Tom Waits‘ recorded works. The resemblance is uncanny.



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This came in the mail today. Yay!

2012-12-13 20.21.03

I reckon that this is where my appreciation from badness came from. I can pin it down to the summer of 1995. I have no idea who I was with at the time or what I was doing but I do know that it was picked up at the El Mocombo in Toronto at some event: a copy of Crad Kilodney’s (Ed) Second Charnel House Anthology of Bad Poetry. I won it. For doing something I can’t recall. The book came out at parties for entertainment. It moved with me from apartment to apartment.  And then someone borrowed it and it was gone. Forever.

I’ve recently been soul-searching, trying to figure out my appreciation for ‘other’ things and it all came back to that book. I couldn’t remember if it was the second or first anthology but  upon seeing  the first in person I now realize that it was the second that I had won.

“Won’t you please post an excerpt?”

No, no, you can’t ask that. I can’t do that?!.

OK. Maybe I can.

Here is an excerpt from an unknown author (figured that was fair enough).



The child sat on a postage stamp

The queen suffocated

The child is now queen


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Recently I acquired a near-complete run of Op Magazines (1978-1984). I hadn’t intended on purchasing them, just  browse through them for a couple of days and photocopy anything useful for present/future research projects. But I got sucked in. And they were for sale.

The ads themselves were just as fascinating as the articles/interviews, perhaps even more so.

Here are a couple of ad images.

More on Op later.

Ads in Op

Lovely Music Ad

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Due to my intense immersion in the Jandekian quagmire that is my dissertation, I realize that in order to resurface a (read in order for it to be finished already!) I need to put aside creating/posting on music/film projects and continue the hunker down. For the time being, and for this site to not wither away completely (or any more than it already has), I’ll go back to making more regular posts.  They will casual, not at all creative.

A good clean place to start is with an upload of an image of the bar of soap that found its way to our kitchen table yesterday. Rich gave some money to WFMU’s  recent fundraiser. They sent him a bar of soap as a thank you. Along with a good portion of its home-state New Jersey, the independent station fell victim to Hurricane Sandy earlier this month.

WFMU Miracle Soap

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