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This came in the mail today. Yay!

2012-12-13 20.21.03

I reckon that this is where my appreciation from badness came from. I can pin it down to the summer of 1995. I have no idea who I was with at the time or what I was doing but I do know that it was picked up at the El Mocombo in Toronto at some event: a copy of Crad Kilodney’s (Ed) Second Charnel House Anthology of Bad Poetry. I won it. For doing something I can’t recall. The book came out at parties for entertainment. It moved with me from apartment to apartment.  And then someone borrowed it and it was gone. Forever.

I’ve recently been soul-searching, trying to figure out my appreciation for ‘other’ things and it all came back to that book. I couldn’t remember if it was the second or first anthology but  upon seeing  the first in person I now realize that it was the second that I had won.

“Won’t you please post an excerpt?”

No, no, you can’t ask that. I can’t do that?!.

OK. Maybe I can.

Here is an excerpt from an unknown author (figured that was fair enough).



The child sat on a postage stamp

The queen suffocated

The child is now queen


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