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I’d be happy to hear from anyone who would be interested in working on the OP magazine archives with me. I’m just a little short on time right now, having a few balls in the air. And really, things are just so much more fun when you’re working with others!

Realistically, if I go it alone, the process will need to wait until next summer, or at least it looks that way at this point. I would love to hear from anyone wishing to collaborate.

Must have an interest in the independent radio and DIY scenes of the late 70s and early 80s!

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More on the process of archiving these darn things…

In the interest of longer term efficiency on my part, and accessibility on the part of the reader/researcher, it makes the most sense to build a website to house the digital copies of the OPs rather than provide written run-downs of them and/or post them here blog-style.

The digitization of the tabloid-sized formatted issues is near completion but I’m still waiting for the delivery of one issue (ho-hum) and have yet to track down a copy of “E.” That might take months to find so the full run, or at least the newsprint issues, will not be available anytime soon.  But…with the exception of the yet-to-find “E,” the other tabloid print pages will be posted to the web in the upcoming months. Things would be moving faster but this is a time-consuming endeavor for someone still figuring out the website-building ropes!

It’s getting done but it’s a bit of a grind.


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Digitizing and subsequently archiving my OP Magazine collection is now at the top of the to-do list. Problem number one was that I needed to acquire (albeit temporarily) an 11 X 17 scanner because, up to about half-way through the OP “alphabet,” the OPs are printed on tabloid-sized newsprint. After some mulling and a bit of research, I figured that scanning the pages with an appropriately sized scanner would be the best way to approach the process. It’s working!


More to come, but for now enjoy “Some Chickens…”




Some Chickens

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