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“Don’t Care if I Die” comes from the lyrics of  The Flip Flop Fly. My pal Peter (no, not Foot Foot) gave me this old mid-century Admiral radio and I’ve been fooling around with it ever since (Thanks, Peter), using its vintage sound for Tuna Mind Melt recordings. I’ve tried newer radios as well but this one is special. Sometimes I can get some nice AM waves happening and occasionally I’ll come across something the catches my ear like this old song did.

The recording of tonight’s session is wonky and there are some level problems that would require more serious mastering than I can provide with my limited time and means. It starts off very quietly and soon maxes out both stereo channels so don’t move too far from that volume dial if you don’t want to fry your speakers. Oh, and please use real speakers not just those on your laptop. They won’t catch everything.

Not sure what I think of Richard’s comment about Ray Manzarek on PCP. Nah.

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