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The last in a series of three. Enjoy!

Up next? Not sure yet.

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Here’s about half of what I recorded tonight. I began the evening’s experiment by trying out different effects that I hadn’t really tried on the pedal and wasn’t really happy with the results so I switched back to the ‘analog delay.’

On the other hand, there were some interesting occurrences. I got some ear smashing lower frequency difference tones” and some mean upper frequency beating happening.  The amp started doing this purring thing–making me imagine that maybe something was loose inside, rattling around. That’s certainly what it sounds like.

You may hear Doughnut and  the fridge because both of them started up partway through.


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I’ve given myself two weeks to figure out how to get this sounding to my liking. This journal will document my creative process, the results of which will be uploaded here.

The old black and chrome squeezebox came from my in-law’s closet where it had been resting for decades. After I dusted the beast off and vacuumed up the little insects that had chosen to lay eggs in the case I tried my hands and arms at songs like Peg ‘o my Heart but somehow tonality slipped away from me as it often has.

Let me present to you Amplified Accordion Experiment #1.


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