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We’re almost done. I’m not all that keen on segments 3 and 4 and must admit that there is some teeth-gritting happening as I publish this. It’s one of those ‘hearing your own voice’ types of experiences, except here I am watching myself on my own doc, being filmed by my interviewee as he is talking (how did that reversal even happen?).

I’m posting this because it part of the process of posting the entire video. *It’s about the process, right?* About not focusing exclusively on the final product? That was, after all, part of the purpose of the doc to begin with. It’s not always a pretty sight.

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Part two of the VHS video from more than a decade ago. This segment, like part one, explores the process of figuring out several components of an installation that occurred at the AWOL  Gallery in Toronto in 2001. For a better description see below for the blog entry for part one.

Tuna Mind Melt had a very mellow session on Friday. I don’t think I’ll be posting anything from that particular sitting but will give it a listen again and will pin it up here if there is anything worthwhile. Process is always interesting to me, but not always interesting to others (especially when the yield of the process is insignificant).

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Sameness, stillness, slow changes.

This digitized version turned up on one of Rich’s machines. I was sure all backup copies had been accidentally erased minus the original VHS version. This is old school videotape, edited using two VHS machines. More than a decade ago Gab helped to clean up the static which showed up with each crude edit before it was transferred to mini DV. It’s been the victim of numerous analog and digital transfers since.

Things I like: the CRT screen in the apartment, the rack of ancient electronic equipment, dangling wires in front of Adrian’s Japanese Super 8 film footage projected on his apartment wall, kimchi ramen, matzos. Kitschy random switching back and forth between positive and negative images, close-up of the kettle and the blue gas flame, “There’s a Jew in me that just won’t die.”  Footage of a friend and me from a third of our lives ago. Glad that I can look back on those days and laugh with myself.

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The last in a series of three. Enjoy!

Up next? Not sure yet.

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This video short by Colt Jenders explores the phantasmagorical land of baked beans and jellyfish. Lovingly prepared and slowly simmered for hours in a mild but flavorful tomato and molasses sauce, these beans have been meticulously quality tested by only the best mid-twentieth century housewives. Eaten hot or cold, nothing else quite compares to the iron, fiber, and protein (not to mention taste!) packed into a single can of baked beans and jellyfish. Even children (young and old) with particular and discerning tastes will just love these delicious beans!
As a special promotion by your much beloved baked beans company, each can of beans purchased comes with a gender-neutral doll. Youngsters across every fair nation will be ever fascinated by such artistry in plastic. Underclothing worn by the dolls is of only the finest woven cotton. Each doll is adorned in a handmade kilt whose wool is produced by the world’s most deluxe sheep located in a secluded village north of Glasgow.

***Warning: visual or olfactorial consumption of these beans may cause hallucinations of iridescent glass-like invertebrates and incessant noise created by the one and only Tuna Mind Melt. Consume responsibly.

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Those of you who were at Somewhere There in Toronto last winter may remember seeing this video while Tuna Mind Melt played live. But if you weren’t there (or if you were and you’d like to see it again), here is the first of three videos!!!

Colt Jenders did a stunning job with the images. I only wish my tiny screen was bigger. Maybe it’s time for a projector. The music will sound familiar. It was posted here a few days ago.

A Synopsis? Why of course!


Behold this interpretation of a Japanese primordial test-tube journey into the oracular life of fish large and small.  In homage to the psychedelic era, Auto-Aquaramatic Hallucinogenome explores the mesmerizing, somnambular, and sometimes pseudo-volcanic underwater life at the Osaka Aquarium. Mainly edited in-camera footage processed using computer-generated filters is married to an improvised off-the-floor Tuna Mind Melt soundtrack. Here, image and sound seem uncannily synchronized despite the chance determined union of sonic and visual elements.

Happy viewing.

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Originally this was performed with Narwhal at Mitzi’s Sister in Toronto some years ago to a very enthusiastic crowd. Here is the studio version which followed not too long after. I dug this up from the vaults while looking for other non-related CDs.

The track features Catherine on vox, Richard on guitar, Nicole on DX7, and John on bass.


Chenille Tartar

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Gotta Get

Gotta Get

This is an oldie but a goody. Catherine on guitar, Richard on vox, Nicole on keys. Predates Tuna Mind Melt.

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