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Those of you who were at Somewhere There in Toronto last winter may remember seeing this video while Tuna Mind Melt played live. But if you weren’t there (or if you were and you’d like to see it again), here is the first of three videos!!!

Colt Jenders did a stunning job with the images. I only wish my tiny screen was bigger. Maybe it’s time for a projector. The music will sound familiar. It was posted here a few days ago.

A Synopsis? Why of course!


Behold this interpretation of a Japanese primordial test-tube journey into the oracular life of fish large and small.  In homage to the psychedelic era, Auto-Aquaramatic Hallucinogenome explores the mesmerizing, somnambular, and sometimes pseudo-volcanic underwater life at the Osaka Aquarium. Mainly edited in-camera footage processed using computer-generated filters is married to an improvised off-the-floor Tuna Mind Melt soundtrack. Here, image and sound seem uncannily synchronized despite the chance determined union of sonic and visual elements.

Happy viewing.

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Tuna Mind Melt will be performing at Somewhere There as part of the Leftover Daylight Series of improvised music. For this show, TMM will consist of Nicole Marchesseau on one-thing-or-another and Richard Benedict on guitar. We will be joined by filmmaker Gabrielle Gillespie who will be providing projected images during the performance.

Hope to see you there!

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Here’s about half of what I recorded tonight. I began the evening’s experiment by trying out different effects that I hadn’t really tried on the pedal and wasn’t really happy with the results so I switched back to the ‘analog delay.’

On the other hand, there were some interesting occurrences. I got some ear smashing lower frequency difference tones” and some mean upper frequency beating happening.  The amp started doing this purring thing–making me imagine that maybe something was loose inside, rattling around. That’s certainly what it sounds like.

You may hear Doughnut and  the fridge because both of them started up partway through.


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Coincidentally, I’ll be taking part in an evening of improvised music at Somewhere There, located on that very Sterling Road on November 20th. More info here:

Grand Special Event
Festival of Autumnal Happiness
Exceptional Meeting

presenting duo and trio improvisations featuring

Robin Buckley – Drums
Rob Clutton – Bass
Nicole Marchessau – Keys
Tena Palmer – Voice
Nicole Rampersaud – Trumpet
Jeremy Strachan – Winds


Directions to Somewhere There :

As of August 2010, Somewhere There has a new home at 227 Sterling Ave, unit 112. This address is somewhat misleading however. In reality, the space can be found at the corner of Ruttan Street and Merchant Lane, as seen in the map below.

You might get to Somewhere There…

…from Dundas West Station by walking east along Bloor and turning right down Ruttan Street.
…from Lansdowne Station by walking west along Bloor and turning left down Ruttan Street.

Either way, you will find Somewhere There just to your left where Ruttan turns in to Merchant Lane.
map to somewhere there

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