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We’re almost done. I’m not all that keen on segments 3 and 4 and must admit that there is some teeth-gritting happening as I publish this. It’s one of those ‘hearing your own voice’ types of experiences, except here I am watching myself on my own doc, being filmed by my interviewee as he is talking (how did that reversal even happen?).

I’m posting this because it part of the process of posting the entire video. *It’s about the process, right?* About not focusing exclusively on the final product? That was, after all, part of the purpose of the doc to begin with. It’s not always a pretty sight.

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Part two of the VHS video from more than a decade ago. This segment, like part one, explores the process of figuring out several components of an installation that occurred at the AWOL  Gallery in Toronto in 2001. For a better description see below for the blog entry for part one.

Tuna Mind Melt had a very mellow session on Friday. I don’t think I’ll be posting anything from that particular sitting but will give it a listen again and will pin it up here if there is anything worthwhile. Process is always interesting to me, but not always interesting to others (especially when the yield of the process is insignificant).

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I’ve given myself two weeks to figure out how to get this sounding to my liking. This journal will document my creative process, the results of which will be uploaded here.

The old black and chrome squeezebox came from my in-law’s closet where it had been resting for decades. After I dusted the beast off and vacuumed up the little insects that had chosen to lay eggs in the case I tried my hands and arms at songs like Peg ‘o my Heart but somehow tonality slipped away from me as it often has.

Let me present to you Amplified Accordion Experiment #1.


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