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Due to the kindness of strangers, it would appear that I’ll be able to archive all of the OPs. It will still be a while before they’re all posted for public consumption but there will be no missing issues.

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Here is some Canadian content from the annals of OP. This letter to the editor was published in OP H.


OP H scan

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It’s been some years now since I acquired 24 of the 26 OP alphabet issues, but I’ve been irked about the absent two ever since. At the time of acquisition there were very few OPs for sale online.  I watched for copies of the missing issues for a while but there weren’t many floating around the net for sale or anywhere else from what I could determine. Those that were out there were not either of the missing two.

Since I’ve started digitizing the collection, I’ve realized that I should make another attempt to find the missing parties while I still have access to the large format scanner that’s loaned out to me. Last night I began the hunt once more and found a “D” Issue online. I ordered it (of course!) though still have yet to find an “E.” Apparently there was one posted online several months ago on EBay. Missed that one–something presumably attributable to being in the throes of doctoral completion.

I still don’t fancy myself a “collector” though I do collect certain things. I would like to think that I’m not covetous about it. Glancing at these OPs makes me realize that the spirit of OP was, in part, about sharing information. I see them now as a valuable resource for those interested in what was going on in various non-mainstream scenes during a specific time period (1978-1984).

The current problem (beyond the search for “E”)  is about the best way to give access to people who are interested in the OPs. It’s something to contemplate while scanning, scanning, scanning. I’ve got some ideas…



An image from the "F Section" insert of "Op F"

An image from the “F Section” insert of “Op F”

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Now that this is all posted here, I feel that I can lay it to rest.

The process of posting this video reminds me of my old college radio program days. My program, called “In the Muse,”  ran on Tuesdays in the summer at CFBU Brock U Radio in Saint Catharines. When an ear-worm  would niggle its way into my brain, I used it as a thread for a show. It was as if playing it over the airwaves would somehow pour the sound out of my ears and into the universe. Or at least into the Student Building. Later that summer, my ear-worms reached the city proper when CFBU finally obtained their frequency license. My last show there was a tribute to William Burroughs who had passed away a week or two before the show aired. There’s nothing quite like gracing the city of Saint Catherine’s with:

T’ain’t no sin
To take off your skin
And dance around in your bones

Why the diversion from the video? Posting Adrian’s Apartment here is like sending it into the universe. It’s also like dancing around in my bones. It’s finished and we will never speak of it again.

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Part two of the VHS video from more than a decade ago. This segment, like part one, explores the process of figuring out several components of an installation that occurred at the AWOL  Gallery in Toronto in 2001. For a better description see below for the blog entry for part one.

Tuna Mind Melt had a very mellow session on Friday. I don’t think I’ll be posting anything from that particular sitting but will give it a listen again and will pin it up here if there is anything worthwhile. Process is always interesting to me, but not always interesting to others (especially when the yield of the process is insignificant).

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